Foreclosure Information

Foreclosure is a growing problem across the United States and homeowners in Baldwin Park may be affected by the rise in adjustable mortgage rates. In today’s complicated financing options, it is more important than ever for homeowners and prospective home buyers to avoid the pitfalls that might lead to foreclosure.

Information and referral services are available for new home buyers as well as homeowners already facing the threat of foreclosures and options available that might prevent foreclosure.
Don’t get caught unaware of your options.

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Below is a series of information links you may find useful:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offers the following information:

1. Tips to avoid foreclosure:


2. Help if you are about to lose your home:


3. Counseling agency by state if you lost your home:


The State of California offers the following information:

If you are looking to purchase a home, if you already own a home, or if you need help with your mortgage:


1. Things to know BEFORE you purchase a home:


2. Things to know when you OWN a home, including landlord-tenant information:


3. Things to know if you need HELP with your mortgage, including “What if you cannot pay your mortgage?:


The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs offers the following information:

For homeowners and home buyers as well as personal help on specific situation you may have:


1. What to do if you fall behind on your house payment?


2. If you are not able to pay your mortgage. What is the foreclosure process?


3. How much home can you afford?