K-9 Unit

Lights on a Police vehicleThe primary function of the K-9 Unit is the use of the canine olfactory (Sense of Smell) ability to locate people and/or contraband. The K-9 unit supports other department units such as patrol, and Gang Activity Prevention team.

  1. Currently, there is one K-9/handler team.
  2. The K-9/Handler team is trained in handler protection, suspect searches, narcotics, explosives, and firearms.


  1. Educate the community about the demeanor, training, dependability, and benefit of the dogs.
  2. Demonstrations are performed each year to businesses, community groups, and schools.
  3. To schedule a demonstration, contact Sergeant ?????? at ((626) 960-1955 or email. 


The Baldwin Park Police K-9 Unit is supported by a nonprofit, volunteer organization called the Baldwin Park Police K-9 Pals. K-9 Pals are considered an integral part of the Baldwin Park Police K-9 program. K-9 Pals:

  1. Donate funding to purchase dogs and equipment
  2. Pay for training and some medical expenses
  3. Support results in the City of Baldwin Park not using any public funds to purchase a Police Service Dog for the past ???? years
  4. For more information on the K-9 Pals, visit ??????

Additional Information

For more information contact Lieutenant ?????? at (626) 960-1955 or email.