Motorcycle OfficerThe Baldwin Park Police Traffic Bureau is part of the Patrol Division. The mission of the Baldwin Park Police Traffic Bureau is to promote traffic safety through education, enforcement, and engineering. The Traffic Bureau is staffed by motorcycle officers, traffic officers, and parking enforcement officers. The Traffic Bureau is overseen by the Day Watch Patrol Bureau Commander. Motorcycle officers are assigned to all areas of the City to enforce traffic laws.


Their main objective is to reduce traffic collisions and promote traffic safety. This is accomplished through traffic enforcement, recommending traffic control improvements, and educational programs directed at drivers and pedestrians. The Traffic Bureau Responds to numerous citizen requests for service each month regarding traffic problems.

Residents are encouraged to call the police department and request the traffic bureau for traffic-related complaints. Traffic officers are also responsible for the review of all violations captured on the red light cameras in operation in the City of Baldwin Park.

Training & Responsibilities

Traffic officers are trained in the use of specialized equipment used for both enforcement and collision investigations. These officers conduct a large volume of traffic enforcement; investigate the vast majority of injury traffic collisions and investigate all fatal traffic collisions that occur in Baldwin Park.

Parking enforcement officers are civilian members of the Traffic Bureau responsible for ensuring that state and local parking ordinances are enforced. This is accomplished through the issuance of citations and community education. Parking enforcement officers also respond to reports of abandoned vehicles.


Residents are encouraged to call the Baldwin Park Police Department Traffic Bureau for complaints related to parking, including vehicles blocking driveways, vehicles parked in fire lanes, or reporting abandoned vehicles.Parking Enforcement 1 Photo

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Enforcement

The Baldwin Park Police Department participates in the State of California Office of Traffic Safety Avoid the 100 Anti-DUI program. This multi-jurisdictional enforcement effort uses checkpoints and directed enforcement operations to crack down on impaired drivers and reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by alcohol-related traffic collisions.

Report a Concern

We are committed to keeping you safe. To report any concern regarding traffic-related issues you may call the police department at 626-960-1955.