Special Investigations Unit

The Baldwin Park Police Department's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is comprised of six detectives, three of which are assigned as Task Force Officers, and one sergeant. SIU members are responsible for various assignments including, assisting our General Investigations Detectives with follow up investigations; preparing cases for court filings and assisting the District Attorney with prosecution of felony and misdemeanor cases. SIU is primarily responsible for investigating all narcotic related crimes from street level to major narcotic traffickers. SIU works with local, state and federal agencies.

Members of SIU also handle vice, illegal gambling, intelligence gathering, and any other suspected criminal activity assigned to them.

The SIU frequently seizes narcotics and U.S currency related to illegal narcotic activity. Evidence confiscated is frequently seized under asset forfeiture and the forfeited monies are used to purchase necessary police equipment.