The Baldwin Park Police Department Records Bureau consists of five Records Specialists and one Records Supervisor. Four Records Specialist work in the Records Section, one with a specialty rotating assignment as the Detective Bureau Secretary, and another specialty rotating position assigned to Administration, who handles a variety of other duties to include payroll, false alarms, ordering supplies, and works under the direction of the Chief of Police, Captain, Lieutenant, and Training Sergeant.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities 

The Records Unit serves as a repository for documents handled within the Department. This includes incident, crime, and arrest reports, parking citations, moving violations, traffic collision reports, arrest files, stored/impounded vehicles, missing people, wants/warrants, and other related documentation. Records personnel provide various services: general and complex records requests, inquiries at the main lobby and telephone, vehicle release information, clearance letters, registering criminal offenders to maintain compliance, and answering the Department's non-emergency phone lines. Records Technicians process Live-scan fingerprinting for all Baldwin Park employees; teletype entries; and routinely performs reports and audits for the Department of Justice. The RecordsUnit is responsible for all public requests available through the California Public Records Act. The Unit adheres to all applicable federal or state laws that prohibit or limit the release of information, while at the same time maintaining an individual's right to privacy. Strict adherence to current laws and regulations affects the release of records and the Records Unit will determine the appropriate release of each document.         

Baldwin Park Police Records Bureau

They are responsible for processing all of the documented police incidents that occur within the city. This includes reports of traffic collisions, crime reports, traffic citations, and incident reports.

Arrest Reports

If you were arrested and would like a copy of your arrest report, please contact the Discovery Unit at the courthouse where you are to appear.

Crime Reports

  • Baldwin Park residents: No Charge
  • Non-Baldwin Park residents: $55 + $10 Processing Fee

Reports requested online through will have a charge of $55 + $10 Processing Fee, do to the fact the website can't determine the residency of the requestor.

To obtain a copy of a crime report, you must be listed as the victim.

Parking Tickets

If you are were issued a parking ticket by the Baldwin Park Police Department, you have 21 days to pay the citation. Failure to pay within the time limits will result in a late fee. Ignoring the time limits could result in further penalties and a lien hold placed on your vehicle registration. You can contest the citation within 21 days. Your payment and or letter to contest the ticket must be sent to:
Citation Processing Center
City of Baldwin Park
P.O. Box 2730
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

OR online at

For Indigent Person assistance, please visit              

Traffic Collision Reports

  • Baldwin Park Residents: No Charge
  • Non-Baldwin Park Residents: $55 + $10 Processing Fee 

Reports requested online through will have a charge of $55 + $10 Processing Fee, do to the fact the website can't determine the residency of the requestor.

To obtain a copy of a traffic accident report, you must be listed as the driver or an authorized representative of the driver.

Vehicle Storages / Impounds

Release of Vehicles

To get a release on a vehicle that was impounded or stored, you must:

  • Show proof of ownership of the vehicle.
  • Have a Valid Drivers License or have valid identification and bring a valid licensed driver.
  • The vehicle must be properly registered with the DMV.
  • If your vehicle was stored for expired registration of over six months, you MUST register your vehicle with the DMV before it is released. (If your vehicle requires a smog check, ask the DMV for a one-day moving permit or a temporary sticker.)
  • A $245.00 administration fee will be due to the City of Baldwin Park, payable in exact cash, money order, check, or credit card. We accept the following credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. This does not include any towing-related fees paid separately to the tow company or the service fee of 2.14% for credit cards.

If you cannot respond in person to obtain the release and wish to send a representative, they will need the following:

  • A notarized letter signed by you, identifying to who you wish your vehicle released.
  • Your representative must have a valid driver's license.
  • All release requirements listed above must be met.

Vehicles Impounds (Vehicles Held for Evidence): The Registered Owner needs to contact the Detective before the vehicle can be released at 626-960-1955, ext. 429.

Types of Fees

Citation TypeCharge
Booking Fees$170 per day of jail time
$100 each additional day
Citation Verifications$15
Civil Subpoenas$275 retainer fee, plus employee wages per hour thereafter
Clearance Letters$20
Crime Reports$55 (No Charge for Baldwin Park Residents)
Log Reports$55
Photographs$25 (1st colored print picture,$5 for each additional picture on the same order)
$15 - digital images
Repossession Release$15
Subpoena Duces Tecum$20 initial fee
Traffic Collision ReportsNo Charge for Baldwin Park Residents
$55 - all others
(online purchase $55 plus $10 convenience fee)
Vehicle Releases$245
Vendor Cart Releases$245