Police Cadets

The Police Department staffs seven Police Cadet positions. Cadets are young adults of at least 18 years of age attending high school or college with an overall GPA of at least 2.0.

Cadet Assignments & Experiences

Cadets are part-time, uniformed employees who work in a variety of assignments within the Department such as Traffic, Records, Evidence, and Detectives, and they may be supervised by either sworn or non-sworn personnel. Cadets perform a wide variety of tasks including the processing of official police reports, taking fingerprints, serving subpoenas, and the transportation of evidence and police vehicles. Cadets must be able to speak and write concisely as they deal first-hand with members of the public and official police records.

Baldwin Park Police Department (BPPD) Cadets have first-hand access to the internal workings of a modern police agency. Because cadets often speak on the same police radio as our police officers they are expected to learn radio codes and be able to communicate clearly. Cadets receive priority access to official ride-alongs with police officers.

The cadet program is an apprenticeship intended to give young adults exposure to police functions in preparation for a career in law enforcement.

Additional Information

Police Cadets fall under the command of the Standards Training & Strategic Policy Bureau Lieutenant Joshua Hendricks.

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