Gang Activity Prevention (GAP)

The Baldwin Park Police Department recognizes the negative impact that gangs and graffiti have on a community. Evidence of gang activity places a financial burden on businesses as potential taxpayers find a safer place to shop. Gang activity also leaves citizens of a community with a feeling of intimidation and fear.

Gangs often use graffiti to display ownership of a certain area, which is usually contested by rival gangs. Graffiti is also a tool used by gang members to intimidate members of the community, causing citizens to be less likely to inform police of illegal activity out of fear of retaliation.

The City of Baldwin Park and the Baldwin Park Police Department do not tolerate gang activity and field a two-detective team to aggressively combat the negative effects of gang activity. The Baldwin Park Police Department also uses patrol officers to ensure that officers are patrolling the streets of Baldwin Park seven days of the week, applying letter of the law enforcement to gang and graffiti related activity. During selective enforcement details, the police department will deploy over 10 officers to deal solely with gang activity.

Collaboration with Other Agencies

The Gang Activity Prevention (GAP) team works closely with numerous agencies, including the:

  • California Department of Corrections - Parole
  • The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services
  • The Los Angeles County Probation Office
  • The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
  • Others


The GAP team routinely conduct Parole and Probation compliance checks of gang members residing in the City of Baldwin Park and surrounding cities.

Officers assigned to the GAP team are responsible for identifying and documenting gang and graffiti activity, arresting individuals responsible for those crimes, and assisting the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office with the successful prosecution of those individuals.


GAP members receive regular training to remain up to date on emerging trends in gang and graffiti activity. They frequently counsel at-risk youths and their parents regarding the negative aspects of gangs and graffiti. They also provide training to schools and other police officers regarding their extensive knowledge of gangs and graffiti.


The Baldwin Park Police Department's firm stance against gangs and graffiti, coupled with the efforts of the GAP team has led to a significant reduction in the occurrence of gang and graffiti crimes in the City of Baldwin Park. The GAP team is consistently implementing new programs and tactics to combat emerging gang and graffiti trends.

Community Collaboration

Lastly, one of the most important resources utilized by the Baldwin Park Police Department's GAP team is the community that they serve. Anyone with information regarding gang and graffiti crimes is urged to contact the Baldwin Park Police Department so that those problems can be addressed by GAP and the patrol force. Any information given may be kept confidential if so desired.