Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau handles a wide variety of investigations ranging from burglaries and credit card fraud to elder abuse, kidnapping, and homicide. The Detectives spend many hours solving crimes and prosecuting offenders. The Detectives also make themselves available around the clock in order to provide expertise and take over major investigations.

Detective Bureau OfficeCrime Categories

The Investigation Bureau is divided up into four categories that focus on different types of crimes. The categories are:

  • Crime against Persons
  • Crime against Property
  • Narcotics
  • Sex Crimes

Having Investigators assigned to specific units enables them to gain valuable expertise in their assigned area.


The Investigation Bureau consists of:

  • One Court Officer
  • One Evidence Technician
  • One Police Clerk
  • Six Investigators

A Commander and a Sergeant supervise the Bureau.

Investigation Process

After a report is taken in the field by a patrol officer, it is forwarded to the detective desk for investigation. Detectives follow up on leads, interview witnesses, victims, and suspects, and build a case against those who commit crimes in our community.

From fraud and theft to kidnapping and murder, Baldwin Park Police detectives spend many hours following up on information, pursuing leads, and solving crimes. Detectives are the ones who file cases against criminals and work hand in hand with the district attorney's office for successful prosecution.

Baldwin Park Police Department detectives are assigned to the Investigations Bureau for 4 years. At the end of their detail, detectives go back into uniforms and patrol the streets of the city, using the knowledge they have gained in the Investigations Division to better serve the community.

Tips / Information Related to a Crime

If you have information that will help the Baldwin Park Police detectives solve a crime, please call 626-960-1955. If you have been a victim of a crime and wish to know the status of your case or you want to speak to the detective handling your case, please call the Detective Secretary at 626-960-1955, ext. 429.

Collaborative Effort

Thank you for your interest in the Investigations Bureau website. The investigative techniques used by our Law Enforcement Officers and Professional Staff are modern and innovative. The efforts of faith-based organizations, community members, businesses, all City Departments, and your Police Department combine help to keep our community safe.

Your Investigations Bureau needs your observations in the community and we need your full effort towards crime prevention to maintain and continue to improve the quality of life in Baldwin Park.