RECORDS BUREAU 

Lobby Hours: Monday – Friday  9:30 A.M. – 5:50 P.M.

Saturday- 9:30 A.M – 12:30 P.M 

Sunday- Closed

Telephone Number: (626) 960-1955 ext. 400, 401, 402 or 

(626) 813-5230

The Baldwin Park Police Department Records Bureau consists of four Records Specialist and 1 Records Supervisor.  Five Records Specialist work in the Records Section, one Records Specialist is assigned to the Administrative Section who handles a variety of other duties to include, payroll, false alarms, ordering supplies, and works under the direction of the Chief of Police, Captain, Lieutenant, and Training Sergeant, and one Records Specialist is assigned to the Detective Bureau as the Detective’s Secretary.

Baldwin Park Police Records Bureau

Records Specialists perform a wide variety of detailed clerical work including typing, word processing, filing, fingerprinting, record keeping, public counter contact, telephones, matron duty, translating and entering restraining orders into a countrywide system.  They are responsible for processing all of the documented police incidents that occur within the city.  This includes reports of traffic collisions, crime reports, traffic citations, and incident reports. 

 General Information:


Arrest Reports:

To obtain a copy of your arrest report, you need to contact the District Attorney’s Office at the court where the case was filed.

Crime Reports:   Cost $55.00

To obtain a copy of a crime report, you must be listed as the victim.

Parking Tickets:

If you are given a parking ticket by the Baldwin Park Police Department you have 21 days to pay the citation.  If not paid in time, you will be charged an additional late fee.  You can contest the citation within 21 days.  Your payment and or letter to contest the ticket must be sent to:

            Citation Processing Center

            City of Baldwin Park

            P.O. Box 2730

Huntington Beach, CA  92647 

Traffic Collision Reports:   $55.00

To obtain a copy of a traffic accident report, you must be listed as the driver or authorized representative of the driver.

Vehicle Storages/Impounds/DUI Storages: $245.00

To get a release on a vehicle that was impounded or stored, you must:

            Be the Registered or Legal Owner

            Have a Valid Drivers License

            Registration on Vehicle is Current

            Pay the Vehicle Release Fee

            Pay Storage Fees at the Towing Agency

Vehicles Impounds (Vehicles Held for Evidence) – The Registered Owner needs to contact the Detective before the vehicle can be released at (626) 960.1955 ext 429.                                            

Cost of Reports:

Citation Verifications $15.00      Repossession Forms             $20.00

Civil Subpoenas          $275.00    Subpoena Duces Tecum       $20.00

Clearance Letters       $20.00     Traffic Collision Reports       $55.00

Crime Reports             $55.00     Vehicle Releases                   $245.00

Log Reports                 $55.00     Photographs                 $25.00 1st Picture Plus $5for each additional picture on the same order. 

Vendor Cart Releases          $245.00