I was just released from County Jail and I didn’t get all of my property back.

All oversized items and large quantities of cash in your possession at the time of arrest/booking are stored at the Baldwin Park Police Department. You would need to inquire about your stored property and make an appointment.

What happened to my jewelry I was wearing when I was arrested?

Any small items you had when you were arrested are placed in your prisoner property bag and are returned to you when you are released from the jail. If you are transferred to court, LA County jail, or to another Police Department’s jail, your property follows you. Check with the last facility you were released from.

My friend was arrested; can I pick up his/her property?

If your friend gives you written authorization to pick up his/her safekeeping property you can make an appointment with the Police Technician.

I came during business hours to retrieve my property and was told to come back later; why?

As there is only one Police Technician on duty it is important to make an appointment. At times the Police Technician can be away from her desk, in a meeting, in the field, away at training or out sick. By making an appointment you will not have to make repeat visits in an attempt to pick up your property.

Items were taken from me as evidence; how do I retrieve them?

The Police Technician can only release items taken as evidence with the investigating detective’s approval. You would need to contact the detective handling your case.

What information do you need from me to find my property?

The fastest way to locate your property is provide the Police Technician with the Baldwin Park Police Department’s case number, for example DR10-12345. If you don’t have your case number the Police Technician can locate the case number with your first and last name and date of birth.